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St. Louis Landscaping and Lawn Care

We can be your total landscaping company.

We are experts in plant management. Need to know where to plant or what to plant, we can help.


Personalized Lawn is expert in stone work, try us for your patios or retaining walls.

Ponds and water gardens are a beautiful centerpiece. Find out more here.


Personalized Lawn Care LLC Landscape Contractors has a highly experienced staff, owns all of their own equipment, and specializes in the installation of their own blueprinted plans or complete landscapes without a plan.

Specializing in but not limited to:

  • Complete Landscape Installation
  • Stone walls and stairs
  • Railroad ties walls
  • Lawn installation
  • Tree and shrub installation
  • Drainage installation
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Pond and fountains
  • Pools

We pride ourselves in being able to complete the whole job from start to finish so the client does not have to worry about dealing with several contractors.

Site Preparation:

We have the capabilities to prepare any site for landscaping.

  • Tree and shrub removal
  • Leveling
  • Filling
  • Drainage
  • Stump removal
  • Tie wall removal

A good landscape job starts with proper site preparation. We own all of our own equipment to perform any type of site preparation.


We own all of our own equipment to perform all the excavation needs. Many landscape companies invoice a far amount of excavation prior to execution of landscape installation. While many others sub-contract these services, we do these all in-house.

Many successful landscape jobs begin with the proper excavation of the land beforehand.


Our forte....Proper grading is a must to assure proper drainage in the landscapes. A properly graded lawn will give the Golf Course appearance.


Here in the Midwest, many houses have water problems. We have the capabilities to install drains in the landscape to control all water problems.